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As much as I really shouldn't, I am turning the page here.   Let's all work real hard to keep me in my present good cheer, shall we?  

I will say this, in the fourth consecutive decade in which it was said, and needed to be said, to the 'pitt' administration:  


Including Time Magazine and The New York Times.   They are media, after all.   Even the 'pitt' administration knows that.  

Oh yeah, and by the way, I, the greatest mind in the history of the planet, hereby issue a list of instructions that I know an innately fraudulent 'university' and its corrupt 'board of trustees' will never obey, but here goes:

Remove all academic frauds, whether acknowledged or found, restore the "fairness in evaluation" standards that Wesley "Dieppe" Posvar removed, eliminate your anti-student ethic on the grounds that it is immoral and conducive to academic fraud (which it is), clean out your administration on the grounds that it is lax concerning academic fraud and replace them with outsiders, and pray to God for forgiveness concerning what you have done.